Monthly Courses

Courses are for people who need to master the Spanish language. Courses are taught in groups of a minimum of three students and a maximum of eight. Each level of this course consists of 100 lessons of 45 minutes spread over four weeks. Classes are held Monday through to Friday mornings (09:00-13:30), or 25 hours per week. Start dates are the first days of each month.
When a student has prior knowledge of Spanish, he or she is invited to take an evaluation test to determine exactly which level course would suit best. The teaching of Spanish in ICHIL is organized into four levels – Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced and Confirmed.

4-week course, 100 lessons of 45 minutes duration, 5 lessons per day from Monday to Friday (mornings).

Elementary Level

General Objectives: Overcoming natural shyness to learn a new language. Understanding, confronting and resolving basic situations of daily life and ...
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Intermediate Level

General Objectives: Acquiring a mastery of oral and written verb tenses. Developing the ability to express complex situations. Mastering a ...
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Advanced Level

General Objectives: Controlling vocabulary for increased understanding and having a conversation at an advanced level… Managing the oral and written ...
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Confirmed Level

General Objectives: Apply oral and written grammatical structures of Spanish. Mastering the Spanish language fluently. Resolve any situation in daily ...
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1 week 25 lessons USD 190
2 weeks 50 lessons USD 350
3 weeks 75 lessons USD 490
4 weeks 100 lessons USD 620



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