We embarked on this adventure in 1997 with a unique and innovative teaching method that is born out of our passion for languages and our desire to transmit this passion. Our main work is teaching Spanish to foreigners who come to Chile and who need to learn our language.

Through intensive practice, we invite students to explore our – Chile’s – cultural roots, the diversity of the territory, as well as the on-going political and cultural development. All teaching at ICHIL is enhanced by numerous trips and cultural activities. Following difficulties encountered in teaching Spanish using existing textbooks published in other countries, we at ICHIL decided to develop our own method of teaching – creating our own textbooks…

Called ‘¡Ahora Sí! Español para Extranjeros‘, these four lively, interactive volumes were created on the basis of our experience. The founders of ICHIL, Sonia Peña and Camilo Guzmán, are highly qualified professionals. They have all lived abroad, where they themselves faced language barriers and cultural differences. This experience gave them an overview of the world, which is essential for helping and guiding students through their studies and making their stay as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

ICHIL’s teachers all have university degrees and are professionals chosen not just for their teaching skills, but for their interpersonal skills. They are able to help resolve any difficulties that students may encounter in class or during their stay in Chile.

ICHIL provides language courses for those who want to learn other languages like English, Portuguese, French or German. Our philosophy is to choose native teachers from the UK, Portugal, France and Germany to teach these languages. This approach helps make learning exciting and rewarding – and all in the unique setting of Santiago.

ICHIL is a language school certified according to international quality standards (ISO 9001:2008) and national Chilean standards (2728:2003).

ICHIL is also an OTEC (Organization for Technical Education), capable of responding to business needs, by training professionals to meet the new demands of a globalized world.


ICHIL - Instituto Chileno de la Lengua

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