The philosophy of ICHIL is not only to learn Spanish but also to help ensure that the student’s stay is enjoyable and truly memorable.

Students come to Chile for various reasons and therefore have multiple interests, so we are constantly looking for new ideas and activities for them to experience the joy of living in Chile’s capital.

Each month we offer a range of free activities that are integrated into the curriculum: guided tours of the city, visits to museums and sites that are part of our cultural heritage. ICHIL also offers excursions that are not part of the fixed program and have an extra cost. For example, visits to the house/museum of Pablo Neruda in Isla Negra; a tour of a vineyard followed by a wine tasting or a visit to the beach resort of Viña del Mar and the World Heritage Site of Valparaiso port. During the winter months we can organize visits to ski resorts for students to enjoy the snow. If students wish, they can take dance classes in salsa or, our national dance, la cueca.


ICHIL - Instituto Chileno de la Lengua

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Santiago - Chile
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