For 23 years, we have been able to do what we enjoy most: teaching Spanish

We have always done so through in-person classes and when the “digital age” arrived and classes started to be taught from a computer, we never wanted to utilize that format. But now, with the current situation, we have no other option and we are opening up to this new alternative. With this in mind, we invite you to learn Spanish with us. Click here to see our online courses.

The primary mission of the Instituto Chileno de la Lengua – ICHIL – is teaching Spanish to foreigners who come to Chile. To fulfill this mission, ICHIL is committed to the educational level of its teachers – all of whom have university degrees and significant teaching experience. For example, before being hired by ICHIL, each of our teachers must attend classes themselves and then teach at all course levels at the Institute. This allows ICHIL’s management to see if students respond positively to their methods and approach – and thus ensures the quality of language education throughout the Institute.


ICHIL - Instituto Chileno de la Lengua

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Santiago - Chile
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